Classic Evening Event

the black house concept:
Classic 1940s Glamour.  Bringing metallic hues of gold guilt and mercury votives together with contemporary glassware in various forms to create an eclectic, yet simple, classic glamour.  Single white blooms are interspersed throughout, giant white chrysanthemums and whole heads of kale and single white rose blooms are nestled in vases and glasses.  Tea light candles glow golden light through guild embellished votives to set the sophisticated tone…

  • IMG_0181

    Early design prototype, chrysanthemum pomander

  • IMG_0180

    Playing with the elements - beads and kale

  • IMG_0179

    Immersible Spider Chysanthemum

  • IMG_0178

    Fractured Light - Bead Drops

  • IMG_0172

    Kale Flowers were a dominating element in the design, for their texture, colour and in part to play with the concept of dichotomy - the rich luxury of white ball chrysanthemums and roses vs the common cabbage. The irony being that kale is priced perhaps 4x more than roses!

  • IMG_0177

    These bead drops eventually became immersed in the vases, we attached them to the base of the kale head bouquets.


    Chrysanthemums with other 'old fashioned' blooms, including pure white roses, white gerberas, white freesias and star of Bethlehem were stuffed into the leaves of the dominant kale, creating an engaging juxtaposition.


    Each large kale head was nestled in a glass cylinder vase. The stems were cut short, and in their place was attached a string of crystals, which was immersed in the vase, creating a reflective device within the water.

  • Sir Richard Branson live in Auckland, 20 October 2011

    Set up complete x 140 tables. Photo: Simon Watts / photosport.co.nz

  • Sir Richard Branson live in Auckland, 20 October 2011

    Kale Centrepiece. Photo: Simon Watts / photosport.co.nz


the brief:
Create centrepieces for 140  tables, as well as various arrangements throughout.  Gold colour references, sophisticated, high end feel.

the project:
Glassware of different levels and molds including clear cylindrical glass vases, rounded mercury votives and sphere glass vases set the eclectic theme and were interspersed with single blooms such as white roses, giant white chrysanthemums or a dramatic white kale head.  The colour palette consisted of rich whites, guilded  metallics and gold hues.
Other vessels became tea light holders and hurricane lamps to create intimacy and sophistication. Heights were staggered to create interest, but were scaled down to prevent intrusion to vantage positioning.

the outcome: Our installation fulfilled the brief –our client, along with their sponsors and corporate partners were thrilled with the result and patrons were treated to an amazing, sophisticated event.